Current Volume


Zeleňák, E. On Conceptual Relativism   [PDF] 1 – 2
Wollner, U. On Political Freedom   [PDF] 79 – 80


Labuda, P. Is Conceptual Relativism a Prerequisite for Philosophy as Conceptual Engineering? [Abstract] [PDF] 3 – 17
Zeleňák, E. Overcoming Relativism in Current Philosophy of History [Abstract] [PDF] 18 – 30
Hrkút, J. Goodman and Gombrich on the Nature of Pictorial Representa- tion and Pictorial Realism [Abstract] [PDF] 31 – 45
Foltin, M. Moral-normative Justification of Human Rights [Abstract] [PDF] 46 – 58
Vydra, A. Epistemological Obstacle and “the Guardian of Threshold” in Gaston Bachelard [Abstract] [PDF] 59 – 71
Sedová, T. On Freedom as a Political Value [Abstract] [PDF] 81 – 96
Wollner, U. Does Nussbaum Understand Capabilities as Freedoms? [Abstract] [PDF] 97 – 109
Hejduk, T. Three Concepts of Liberty [Abstract] [PDF] 110 – 124
Yun, S.W. - Lee, H. Applying Arendt to Translation Discourse [Abstract] [PDF] 125 – 136
Gatto, A. Descartes and Montaigne on Divine Power and Human Reason [Abstract] [PDF] 137 – 150
Lysý, J. The Spirit of Weight in J. L. Fischer [Abstract] [PDF] 167 – 180
Tomašovičová, J. Social and Ethical Consequences of Neuro-enhancement [Abstract] [PDF] 181 – 194
Suvák, V. Foucault: From the Microphysics of Power to the Governmentality [Abstract] [PDF] 195 – 208
Jeong, J. Nietzsche on the Necessity of Social Decadence [Abstract] [PDF] 209 – 222
Démuth, A. - Števček, M. Defending Vagueness [Abstract] [PDF] 237 – 251
Rybák, D. The Issue of Life of the Pure Ego in Husserl’s L-Manuscripts [Abstract] [PDF] 252 – 266
Smreková, D. Jankélévitch and Ricœur on the Duty of Memory [Abstract] [PDF] 267 – 280
Stelmach, M. Philosophical Problems and Therapy. Polemic with The New Wittgenstein [Abstract] [PDF] 281 – 292
Vašek, M. Eco and Vattimo – Negative Realism versus Weak Thought [Abstract] [PDF] 293 – 306
Sedová, T. On the Phenomenon of Human Dignity, its Concept, and Relation to Human Rights [Abstract] [PDF] 317 – 332
Borovjak, M. The Virtue of Prudence According to Dante Alighieri [Abstract] [PDF] 333 – 350
Ryška Vajdová, I. Adolf Portmann, Philosopher of Life Sciences [Abstract] [PDF] 351 – 363
Bielik, L. Abduction and its Place in Science and Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 391 – 406
Zámečník, L. Towards a Universal Account of Asymmetry in Non-causal Explanations [Abstract] [PDF] 407 – 422
Čukljević, F. McDowell and Brandom on Observational Knowledge [Abstract] [PDF] 423 – 435
Błahut-Prusik, J. On Social Consequences of Epistemic Ignorance [Abstract] [PDF] 436 – 450
Spodniak, S. Utilitarianism as a Pragmatic Choice with Empirical Support in Joshua Greene’s Ethics – A Critical Analysis [Abstract] [PDF] 451 – 464
Gellens, S. How “Amor Fati” Became Nietzsche’s Formula for Learning to Love Necessity and Human Thriving [Abstract] [PDF] 465 – 479
Vydrová, J. Corporeality as the Excentric Positionality in Helmuth Plessner’s Anthropology and Philosophy of Biology [Abstract] [PDF] 487 – 498
Gahér, F. Did Frege Really Plagiarize the Stoics? [Abstract] [PDF] 499 – 520

Book reviews

Nebošková, M. - Stančo, R. BAGHRAMIAN, Maria, COLIVA, Annaliva: Relativism   [PDF] 72 – 75
Fořtová, H. CHARBONNIER, Pierre: Abondance et liberté. Une histoire environnementale des idées politiques   [PDF] 151 – 154
Moural, J. GOODIN, Robert E. – PETTIT, Philip (eds.): Contemporary Political Philosophy: An Anthology   [PDF] 155 – 158
Stodola, I. HONNETH, Axel: The Idea of Socialism: Towards a Renewal   [PDF] 159 – 164
Tomašovičová, J. DÉMUTH, Andrej: Beauty, Aesthetic Experience, and Emotional Affective States   [PDF] 223 – 226
Sisáková, O. GEHLEN, Arnold: Primitive Man and Late Culture. Philosophical Results and Statements   [PDF] 227 – 231
Zelinová, Z. ŠKVRNDA, František: The Socratic Question as a Problem of the Historiography of Ancient Philosophy   [PDF] 232 – 235
Petrucijová, J. JAROMÍR FEBER, HELENA HREHOVÁ, PETER RUSNÁK: Man between Sacrum and Profanum in Russian Philosophy in 20th Century   [PDF] 307 – 311
Volek, P. JAROMÍR FEBER, HELENA HREHOVÁ, PETER RUSNÁK: Man between Sacrum and Profanum in Russian Philosophy in 20th Century   [PDF] 312 – 314
Fikejzová, M. ŠVANTNER, Martin – KARĽA, Michal – ŠEDIVCOVÁ, Karolína (eds.): Semiotic Marginalia: Between Epistemology, Aesthetics and Politics   [PDF] 377 – 379
Valach, M. VIŠŇOVSKÝ, Emil: Science as a Sociocultural Practice   [PDF] 380 – 383
Horyna, B. BRÁZDA, Radim: Philosophers in the City   [PDF] 384 – 388
Vavríková, D. PETER SÝKORA (ed.): Promises and perils of emerging technologies for human condition. Voices from four postcommunist Central and East European countries Berlin: Peter Lang 2019, 208 s.   [PDF] 480 – 483
Sedová, T. NAGY, Ladislav: From Romance to Novel and Back   [PDF] 549 – 553
Zelinová, Z. SUVÁK, Vladislav: Ars vivendi, or the Art of Living, from Socrates to Foucalt   [PDF] 554 – 559


Lalíková, E. MILOTA SPÁLOVÁ, 6. 6. 1943 – 23. 12. 2020   [PDF] 77 – 78

Critical notice

Leško, V. The Phenomenology of Spirit – the Unity of Philosophy and the History of Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 364 – 376

Scientific events

Spodniak, S. Human Rights in a State of Emergency. May 20, 2021, Online Conference   [PDF] 484 – 485


Šebela, K. On the very Analytic-Continental Division in Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 521 – 530
Dožudić, D. Thoughts In Exchange: A Note on Frege’s Tractatus Letters [Abstract] [PDF] 531 – 541


Hohoš, L. - Hrubec, M. FROM SEPTEMBER 11 TO THE PANDEMIC: 20 Years of Global Conflicts   [PDF] 542 – 548
Bánovský, J. Methodological Issues in the Research of Early Social Cognition [Abstract] [PDF] 567 - 580
Park, S. The Unvirtuous Prediction of the Pessimistic Induction [Abstract] [PDF] 581 - 595
Novák, V. Foucault’s Dispositif in Context of User Generated Content on Web 2.0 [Abstract] [PDF] 596 - 607
Šedík, M. Limits of Representation: Charles Sanders Peirce and Nelson Goodman on Representation [Abstract] [PDF] 608 - 623
Nuhlíček, M. Cooperative Naturalism [Abstract] [PDF] 647 - 660
Višňovský, E. Naturalist Conceptions in Contemporary Pragmatism [Abstract] [PDF] 661 - 673
Sklutová, K. Dennett’s Naturalistic Conception of Conscious Experience [Abstract] [PDF] 674 - 687
Greif, A. Parfit on Moral Disagreement and The Analogy Between Morality and Mathematics [Abstract] [PDF] 688 - 703
Šulcová, I. Recurrence of Schelling’s Concept of Freedom in Jaspers [Abstract] [PDF] 704 - 716
Jasečková, G. - Konvit, M. Vernadsky’s Concept of Noosphere and its Development [Abstract] [PDF] 717 - 730
Tvrdý, F. Vice Epistemology of Believers in Pseudoscience [Abstract] [PDF] 735 - 751
Makovník, D. Non-causal Explanation: Hempel’s Legacy and its Modern Versions [Abstract] [PDF] 752 - 765
Peterková, E. Does the New Interpretation of David Hume Have Any- thing to Say? [Abstract] [PDF] 766 - 779
Fraňo, P. Seneca’s Treatise On the Tranquillity of the Mind and the Covid-19 Pandemic [Abstract] [PDF] 780 - 789
Dupkala, R. Ambivalent Reception and Theistic Negation of Hegel’s Phi- losophy in the Work of S. B. Hroboň (Contribution to the Current Research of the History of Slovak Philosophy) [Abstract] [PDF] 790 - 805
Švec, J. On the Problems of the Limitation of Individual Freedom in the Context of the History of Selected Authors of Social Liberalism [Abstract] [PDF] 624 - 635
Book reviews
Novák, P. HRUBEC, Marek, VORÁČEK, Emil a kol.: China and its Partners: An Interaction   [PDF] 636 - 639
Herreros, A. ALPINA, Tommaso: Subject, Definition, Activity. Framing Avicenna’s Science of the Soul   [PDF] 640 - 643