Content of Volume


Bakoš, V. Jan Patočka and Slovakia [Abstract] [PDF] 1-11
Muránsky, M. On the Way to Things Themselves: Towards the Heideggerian Interpretation of Husserl’s Phenomenology [Abstract] [PDF] 12-26
Maco, R. Philosophy of Mathematics in Early Ernst Cassirer [Abstract] [PDF] 27-39
Hlavinka, P. French Phenomenology and Existential Analysis [Abstract] [PDF] 40-48
Leško, V. Heidegger and the History of Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 110-119
Noras, A.J. Heidegger, Hartmann and the Problem of Metaphysics [Abstract] [PDF] 120-129
Ješič, M. Heidegger, Descartes ant the Metaphysics of Subjectivity [Abstract] [PDF] 130-138
Tholt, P. On the Origins of the Non-Subjective Phenomenology of Jan Patočka [Abstract] [PDF] 139-149
Stojka, R. J. Patočka and the Europe: On the Concept of Europe in Patočka’s Philosophy of History [Abstract] [PDF] 150-160
Mičaninová, M. Avicebron’s Fons vitae and Albert the Great [Abstract] [PDF] 161-169
Porubjak, M. Presocratic Socratics on the Care of the Self [Abstract] [PDF] 214-226
Wollner, U. The Care of the Self in Plato’s Gorgias [Abstract] [PDF] 227-238
Suvák, V. Antisthenes: Practical Socratic Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 239-248
Urbancová, E. Imago sui in Seneca´s Letters to Lucilius [Abstract] [PDF] 249-256
Bendlová, P. An Uneasily Classified Philosopher Vladimir Jankélévitch   [PDF] 317-320
Jankélévitch, V. The Phenomenon of Death   [PDF] 321-335
Sivák, J. On Tolerance in the Light of A Treatise on Virtues [Abstract] [PDF] 336-342
Buraj, I. Power in the Structure of Power Relations [Abstract] [PDF] 417-427
Halas, J. From the Philosophy of Law to Political Economy: Marx’s Thought in 1842 – 1844 [Abstract] [PDF] 428-439
Kvasz, L. Penelope Maddy between Realism and Naturalism [Abstract] [PDF] 522-537
Volek, P. Human Embryos as Individuals and Persons [Abstract] [PDF] 538-551
Odorčák, J. A Critique of the Transhumanist Critique of Friedrich Nietzsche [Abstract] [PDF] 552-563
Wollner, U. The Problem of Self-Knowledge in Xenophon’s Memorabilia [Abstract] [PDF] 622-630
Šedík, M. - Miloš Taliga On the Cognitive Overlap between Art and Science [Abstract] [PDF] 631-642
Schmidt, M. Objects, Causation, and Scientific Realism [Abstract] [PDF] 643-651
Cepko, J. On Lévinas’ Distinction between Ontology and Metaphysics [Abstract] [PDF] 652-663
Šuch, J. Several Remarks on Naîve Realism, Constructivism and Critical (Scientific) Realism [Abstract] [PDF] 664-671
Bielik, L. - Gahér, F. - Zouhar, M. On Definitions and Defining [Abstract] [PDF] 719-737
Sedová, T. The Comeback of Psychologism: Pandora’s Box, Or Inspirations for Philosophy? [Abstract] [PDF] 738-749
Andreanský, E. Patterns of Holistic Methodology in Science: A Critique [Abstract] [PDF] 750-761
Zeleňák, E. On Two Approaches to Narrative Explanations [Abstract] [PDF] 762-769
Zervan, M. - Zervan, V. Homo architectus and Deus architectus: On the Possible Name of One Miniature in Bible Moraliseé [Abstract] [PDF] 770-779
Šajda, P. Theodor W. Adorno: Kierkeggard – A Critique of Society with Two Faces [Abstract] [PDF] 821-832
Hohoš, L. Michel Henry’s Reflections on Marxian Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 833-844
Sucharek, P. Conscience as the Other within the Same. Ricœur and Levinas: Two Different Non-epistemological Perspectives [Abstract] [PDF] 845-859
Tin, M.B. Saturated Phenomena: From Picture to Revelation in Jean-Luc Marion’s Phenomenology [Abstract] [PDF] 860-876
Petrucijová, J. Conceptual Nets of Anthropological Reflections and Particular Patterns of Power [Abstract] [PDF] 877-892
Smreková, D. What Does Assuming Responsibility Mean? Towards the Concept of Imputation in Contemporary Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 893-906
Pichler, T. Samuel Štefanovič: A Political Thinker in the Time of Passivity [Abstract] [PDF] 929-938
Viceník, J. - Zigo, M. Internal and External Influences in I. Hrušovský’s Conception of the Development of Scientific Knowledge [Abstract] [PDF] 939-952
Plašienková, Z. Enigmatic Cíger [Abstract] [PDF] 953-964
Mészáros, O. The First Public Dispute in Hungarian Philosophy: Disagreement about Kant’s Philosophy at the Turn of the 18th Century [Abstract] [PDF] 965-978
Gluchman, V. Erasmus of Rotterdam and Ján Milochovský: Two Humanistic Conceptions of Christian Political Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 979-989
Martinkovič, M. Political and Philosophical Views of Young S. Hurban Vajanský in Národné noviny [Abstract] [PDF] 990-1003

Pohľad za hranice

Panayides, C. Aristotle and the Principle of Plenitude. The case of De Caelo A. 12 [Abstract] [PDF] 49-62
Baruchello, G. No Pain, no Gain. The Understanding of Cruelty in Western Philosophy and Some Reflections on Personhood [Abstract] [PDF] 170-183
Azeri, S. Transcendental Subject vs. Empirical Self: On Kant’s Account of Subjectivity [Abstract] [PDF] 269-283
Râmbu, N. The barbarity of interpretation [Abstract] [PDF] 477-484

Philosophy in the School Desk

Babic, M. Augustinian Versus Classical Philosophical Doctrine of Human Soul [Abstract] [PDF] 63-73
Hrkút, J. Lonergan’s Transcendental Thomism   [PDF] 600-608

Young Philosophy

Nuhlíček, M. On the Interpretation of Moore’s Antiskeptical Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 74-82
Katina, J. K. Popper on Probability [Abstract] [PDF] 343-355
Dunaj, Ľ. The Dialectic of the Enlightenment [Abstract] [PDF] 356-360
Gogora, A. Le Corbusier, J. Jacobs and Their Rationality [Abstract] [PDF] 361-365
Ujházyová, M. The Reconstruction of the Category of Responsibility: Theory and Practice [Abstract] [PDF] 366-370
Dvoranová, E. What is Education? Several Remarks on the Philosophy of Education [Abstract] [PDF] 371-377
Žáčková, E. The World of an Expanded Reality Generated by Computers [Abstract] [PDF] 378-382
Nevrkla, S. What is Logic Good for in Philosophy and Vice Versa? [Abstract] [PDF] 383-388

Scientific Life

SPhA Lectures and Events 2010     82
International Society for MacIntyrean Enquiry 4th Annual Conference     106
Stojka, R. The IIIrd International Conference Hegel in the Contexts of Heidegger’s and Patočka’s Philosophy   [PDF] 210-211
Contemporary Philosophy and Its Methods (The 7th Conference of Young Philosophers)   [PDF] 311-315
An International Conference Ethics and Existentialism: Inspirations and Challenges for Our Times     412
The 4th Slovak Philosophical Congress Identity – Difference     413-415
An International Conference Ethics and Politics     498
Dunaj, Ľ. A Symposium Enlightenment as a Way of Thinking. A report   [PDF] 517-518
The 4th International Philosophical Symposium History of Philosophy as a Philosophical Problem   [PDF] 619
Gluchmanová, M. An International Conference Ethics and Politics   [PDF] 711-713
Gluchman, V. A New UNESCO Chair in Bioethics at the Philosophical Faculty, Prešov University   [PDF] 713-715
4th Slovak Philosophical Congress Identity – Difference: A Report   [PDF] 814-816
Beyond Citizenship: Feminism and the Transformation of Belonging: A Report from the Conference   [PDF] 817-819
Karul, R. The Commitee of Slovak Philosophical Association 2008 – 2010: A Report   [PDF] 918-926
A New Committee of SPhA   [PDF] 1026
Jan Hus Association Summer University of French Philosophy 2010: A Report   [PDF] 1019-1022
Nemec, R. An International Conference: Education through Science. Kant's “The Conflict of the Faculties”   [PDF] 1023-1025
Karul, R. The General Assembly of SPhA: A Report   [PDF] 1025-1026


Pauer, J. Democracy and Tragedy (Skeptical and Critical Reflexions in an Uncertain Time of Crisis) Part II   [PDF] 83-88
Jusko, Š. Towards the Role of Aesthetical Thinking   [PDF] 193-199
Kriššák, M. Mind and Conscience   [PDF] 284-289
Mihina, F. Ontology of Humanism   [PDF] 290-302
Szapuová, M. Reflections on Gender and Science Or From the Question of Women in Science to the Question of the Gender-Determined Science   [PDF] 485-492
Sedová, T. A Brief Reflection on One Attempt at Differentiating between Ethics and Morals: Smreková, D. – Palovičová, Z.: Ambiguity of Ethical Concepts (in Slovak)   [PDF] 493-498
Lazor, P. The Identity of Particulars Over Time [Abstract] [PDF] 589-594
Doomen, J. The Current Position of Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 672-682
Jirásek, I. - Hlavinka, P. Gymnosophy: The Wisdom of Nakedness [Abstract] [PDF] 683-690


Farkašová, E. - Zigo, M. Slovak Philosophy of the Last Five Decades from the Perspective of One of Its Agents (An Interview with Milan Zigo)   [PDF] 89-98
Mičaninová, M. An Interview with Prof. Dr. Theo Kobusch   [PDF] 200-206


Sačková, M. Čana, T.: Logomachy   [PDF] 99-101
Škorpíková, Z. Šmajs, J.: Philosophy: Turning to the Earth. An Evolutionary Ontological Reflexion on Nature, Culture, Technology and Human Knowledge   [PDF] 102-105
Jusko, Š. Münz, T.: Searching for Reality (in Slovak: Hľadanie skutočnosti )   [PDF] 207-209
Bača, M. Judson, L. – Karasmanis, V. (eds.): Remembering Socrates. Philosophical Essays   [PDF] 303-306
Kalaš, A. Petrželka, J.: Essentials of the Greek (and Latin) Philosophical Terminology (in Czech)   [PDF] 306-308
Wollner, U. Woszczyk, A.: The Problem of hen and aoristos dyas in Plotinus’ Enneades (in Polish)   [PDF] 308-310
Sitarčíková, Z. Hrkút, J. (ed.): Argumentation in Bioethics (in Slovak)   [PDF] 402-404
Wollner, U. Kalaš, A.: Early Pyrrhonism Or A Blissful Life without Values (in Slovak)   [PDF] 404-406
Mazag, M. Korsgaard, Ch. M.: Self-Constitution. Agency, Identity, and Integrity (in English)   [PDF] 407-410
Sedová, T. Leško, V. – Plašienková, Z.: Kant in the Contexts of Husserlian and Heideggerian Philosophy (in Slovak)   [PDF] 504-506
Višňovský, E. Farkašová, E.: Time for Still (in Slovak)   [PDF] 507-509
Farkašová, E. Szapuová, M. (ed.): A Situated Science: Forms and Contexts of the Production of Knowledge (in Slovak)   [PDF] 509-512
Šabíková, K. Rawls, J.: The Law of Peoples (a Czech translation)   [PDF] 513-516
Volek, P. Polkinghorne, J.: One World: The Interaction of Science and Theology   [PDF] 609-611
Lakoštík, M. McGrath, A.: Dawkins’ God. Genes, Memes, and the Meaning of Life   [PDF] 611-614
Chabada, M. Otisk, M.: Aristoteles christianus. Peripatetic Tradition in Latin Thinking of the 10th and 11th Centuries   [PDF] 614-618
Gerbery, T. Foucault, M.: The Rise of Biopolitics. A Course at Collège de France (1978 – 1979)   [PDF] 706-709
Podroužek, J. Raclavský, J.: Nouns and Descripcions: Logical-Semantical Investigations (in Czech)   [PDF] 804-806
Geistová Čakovská, B. Cmorej, P.: Analytical Philosophical Investigations (in Slovak)   [PDF] 807-813
Sucharek, P. Karul, R. et. al.: Michel Henry: Life as Intertwinning of Subjectivity and Objectivity (in Slovak)   [PDF] 910-914
Šíp, R. Hroch, J.: Philosophical, Structural and Depth Hermeneutics (in Czech)   [PDF] 914-917
Münz, T. Lalíková, E.: Reality and Philosophy in Slovakia. Ján Lajčiak, Gejza Vámoš and Svätopluk Štúr (in Slovak)   [PDF] 1004-1007
Karol Kollár Bakoš, V.: Philosophical Initiatives of Igor Hrušovský (in Slovak)   [PDF] 1007-1010
Hála, V. Kopeček, M.: The Origins of Marxist Revisionism in Central Europe 1953 – 1960 (in Czech)   [PDF] 1011-1015
Kondrla, P.: Values and Post-modernity (in Slovak)   [PDF] 1015-1018
VLADIMÍR BAKOŠ (23. 1. 1949 – 18. 12. 2009)   [PDF] 107
Descartes, R. The Letter-preface to the translator of the Principles of Philosophy, Abbe Picot   [PDF] 184-192
Antisthenés, Fragments   [PDF] 257-268
Nietzsche, F. Human, All Too Human   [PDF] 389-399
Piaček, J. Vojtech Filkorn’s Contribution to Ontology [Abstract] [PDF] 461-470
Boethius z Dácie On the Highest Good, or On the Life of the Philosopher   [PDF] 471-476
Pichler, T. ELENA VÁROSSOVÁ (1926 – 2010)   [PDF] 1027
Hodás, M. Blaha, Ľ.: Back to Marx? Social State, Economic Democracy and the Theories of Justice (in Slovak)   [PDF] 400-401
Blaha, Ľ. Valach, M.: The World on the Boundary. On the Political and Moral Crisis of Capitalism   [PDF] 709-710


Višňovský, E. Philosopher and Scientist with a Heart of an Artist (100th Death Anniversary of William James) [Abstract] [PDF] 440-448
Nuhlíček, M. Common Sense in the Philosophy of Thomas Reid [Abstract] [PDF] 449-460

Inaugural Lectures

Kalaš, A. Searching for the Ideal of Felicity in Ancient Skepticism   [PDF] 499-503

Contemporary Moral Philosophy

Palovičová, Z. The Nature of Strong Evaluation [Abstract] [PDF] 564-573

Between Philosophy and Theology

Otisk, M. The conception of God’s Omnipotence according to Anselm of Canterbury and Peter Damiani [Abstract] [PDF] 574-588

Discussions - Polemics

Zeleňák, E. Ontology of the Determinate, Or the Indeterminate?   [PDF] 595-599
Halas, J. Marx Insensible   [PDF] 691-694
Miloš Taliga The Paradox of Scepticism?   [PDF] 695-705
Cmorej, P. Are Individuals Parts of Thoughts?   [PDF] 780-791


Černík, V. Value Neutrality in the Social Sciences [Abstract] [PDF] 792-803


Sivák, J. Translating soiême) in the light of P. Ricœur’s Soi-même comme un autre   [PDF] 907-909