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Existencia, subjektivita, etika. Reflexia Kierkegaarda v nemeckej a francúzskej fenomenológii

Filozofia, 2020, roč. 75, č. 5, s. 372-385.
Jazyk: Slovak
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The paper represents a contribution to a broader discussion of the relation between the phenomenological and the existential tradition. It explores the reception of Kierkegaard’s philosophy in the writings of three phenomenological authors: M. Heidegger, E. Levinas and M. Henry. Their Kierkegaard reception is the most intensive among phenomenological thinkers and focuses largely on the issues of existence and subjectivity and their ethical-religious dimension. I analyze the main motifs of this reception and point out the overlaps, contradictions and tensions between the different interpretations of Kierkegaard’s ideas. I also suggest potential topics for future research.

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Ethics, Existence, Phenomenology, Philosophy of existence, Subjectivity, Søren Kierkegaard