Current Volume


Volume 25 (2018)


Briciu, A. On Context Shifters and Compositionality in Natural Languages [Abstract] [PDF] 2-20
Duží, M. - Macek, J. Analysis of Time References in Natural Language by Means of Transparent Intensional Logic [Abstract] [PDF] 21-40
Materna, P. On Tichý’s Attempt to Explicate Sense in Terms of Turing Machines [Abstract] [PDF] 41-52
Lipski, J. Radical Rationalization Accommodates Rampant Irrationality [Abstract] [PDF] 53-73
Vallée, R. Fictional Names and Truth [Abstract] [PDF] 74-99
Bíba, O. - Paitlová, J. Grundprobleme, or Popper Meets Kant [Abstract] [PDF] 100-119
Lee, J. Kripkean Essentialist Argument and Its Generalization [Abstract] [PDF] 142-154
Marton, P. Truths, Facts, and Liars [Abstract] [PDF] 155-173
Posłajko, K. - Grabarczyk, P. Inferentialism without Normativity [Abstract] [PDF] 174-195
Krchňák, D. Reflected View on the Personal Afterlife [Abstract] [PDF] 196-214
Negru, T. Self-organization, Autopoiesis, Free-energy Principle and Autonomy [Abstract] [PDF] 215-243
Zámečník, L. Mathematical Models as Abstractions [Abstract] [PDF] 244-264


Kosterec, M. Some Problems of Glavaničová’s Approach to Fictional Names   [PDF] 120-125
Dejnožka, J. Russell and the Materialist Principle of Logically Possible Worlds   [PDF] 265-278


Kollárik, T. F. Gahér, V. Marko, Method, Problem, and Task   [PDF] 126-131
von Barandy, D. Z. Rybaříková, The Reconstruction of A. N. Prior’s Ontology   [PDF] 279-283
Marko, V. Z. Rybaříková, The Reconstruction of A. N. Prior’s Ontology   [PDF] 283-287


Vacek, M. Modal Metaphysics: Issues on the (Im)possible V   [PDF] 132-134
Glavaničová, D. Current Trends in Deontic Logic   [PDF] 134-136
Vacek, M. Deflationism in Metaphysics   [PDF] 136-137
Call for Papers: Modal Metaphysics: Issues on the (Im)Possible VI   [PDF] 138
Call for Papers: Fictionalism as an (In)Appropriate Philosophical Methodology   [PDF] 139-140