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Kant's Critique of Practical Reason and Practical Reasoning

(Original title: Kantova kritika praktického rozumu a praktického usudzovania)
Organon F, 1998, vol. 5, No 3, pp. 229-249.
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The paper is a critical analysis of Kant´s concept of practical reasoning. It is based upon an analysis of Kant´s understanding of a man as a sensual-oversensual human being. The author focuses in an analysis of lawmaking of a practical reason. He concerns in Kant´s differentiation of cathegorical and hypothetivcal imperatives, or pure (autonomic) and ordinary will, respectively. Based on this analysis he consequently reconstructs Kantś understanding of a practical reasoning. He characterizes its basic types based on a technical imperative and pragmatic advice, on cathegorical and hypothetical imperative.

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