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Gödel's Ontological Proof of the Existence of God

(Original title: Gödelov ontologický dôkaz existencie Boha)
Organon F, 1996, vol. 3, No 3, pp. 211-238.
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The ontological proof of the existence of God from Gödel´s heritage is presented and analysed in regard to the classical ontological proofs, due to Descartes and Spinoza, and their criticism by Leibnitz and Kant. Some recent works are taken into account as well, mainly the criticism of Descartes´proof by R. M. Smullyan, the emendations to Gödel´s proof by C. A. Anderson and the analysis of the metaphysical presuppositions and biases behind the proof (and the modern European science in general) assumed from scholastic, due to P. Vopěnka.

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