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Wittgenstein and the Forms of Life

(Original title: Wittgenstein a životní formy)
Organon F, 2004, vol. 11, No 2, pp. 158-173.
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The author tries to examine an opus of late Wittgenstein in some aspects:
1) The text tries to show that common critics of a meaning „as an use“ have not met with the intentions of Wittgenstein´s work. There are two conceptions of a meaning in his Philosophical Investigations. The second conception is superior to the first one – a meaning „as an use“ – and the first one loses its sense if we tear it off its´ social-language background.
2) From this point of view the text tries to defend a late Wittgenstein´s method that is connected with his not traditional way of philosophizing. This way is often wrongly accounted as „a formless heaping up of ambiguouse suggetions“. .
3) One may understand the late Wittgenstein´s philosophy as „epistemological“ critic. The author reveales a potention of this critic as he exposes confusing presuppositions of TIL.
4) In the final part of the article author tries to introduce Wittgenstein as philosopher of a man´s liberation from structures of thinking and habits which form people apart their counsciousness.

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