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Non-cooperative Strategies of Players in the Loebner Contest

Organon F, 2016, vol. 23, No 3, pp. 324-366.
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In this paper the idea of the Loebner contest as a practical implementation of the Turing test is presented. The Brian Plüss’ measure of the degrees of non-cooperation in a dialogue is applied to the dialogues of the Loebner contest. The proposal of a typology of non-cooperative features in the contest’s dialogues is discussed and the reliability of annotation with the use of this typology of features is analyzed. The degrees of non-cooperation of judges and programs for the Loebner contest (editions 2009 – 2012) are presented and discussed. On the basis of the results the role of a judge and the strategies used by programs are discussed for the contest and the Turing test.


Loebner contest, non-cooperation degree measure, strategy, Turing test

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