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Pavel Tichý and Theory of Deduction

(Original title: Pavel Tichý a teorie dedukce)
Organon F, 2013, vol. 20, Supplementary Issue 2, pp. 66-74.
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This paper focuses on the theory of deduction, developed by the Czech logician Pavel Tichý. Research on deduction in Tichý’s logic is still not very advanced. Tichý’s own deduction system is a generalization of Gentzen’s natural deduction and although it is an interesting topic in itself, I’d rather focus on the theory or philosophy of deduction that motivates Tichý’s choice of deduction system. Some of Tichý’s expressions suggest that in the question of the status of the theory of deduction in logic he held the prevailing modern approach, but this contradicts the fact that most of his writings concern selected problems of logical semantics. Having introduced Tichý’s original conception of deduction, I pay attention to the so called object-conception of logic, which explains the special position of the theory of deduction in his conception.


Deduction, logic, logical consequence, logical semantics, Pavel Tichý, philosophy of logic

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