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The Intention of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus (2): Correspondence

(Original title: Záměr Wittgensteinova Traktátu (2): Korespondence)
Organon F, 2014, vol. 21, No 4, pp. 516-530.
Language: Czech
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The article presents a second part of an interpretation of the intention of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus. The intention itself used to be considered a rather marginal topic until so called new-Wittgenteinian interpretations. The present article considers main sources to show what kind of content we can ascribe to the book. Its aim is to prove that Tractatus is not purely practical exercise, however, without stripping the book of its therapeutic side. This second part continues with interpretation of Wittgenstein’s correspndence with Russell, Frege, Ficker and comes to the conclusion for both parts considering mutual relation of all the sources.


Bertrand Russell, Frank Ramsey, Gottlob Frege, Tractatus, Wittgenstein

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