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Logicizmus a paradox (II)

Organon F, 2005, roč. 12, č. 1, s. 1-20.
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This is the first part of the essay devoted to the story of logicism, in particular to its Fregean version. Reviewing the classical period of Fregean studies, we first point out some critical moments of Frege‘s argumentation in the Grundla­gen, in order to be able later to differentiate between its salvageable and defec­tive features. We work on the presumption that there are no easy, catego­rical an­swers to questions like “Is logicism dead?“: Wittgenstein’s cri­tique of the foundational program as well as the remarkable neo-Fregean dis­cov­eries of Boolos and Wright have to be confronted with the effects which the logi­cistic idea actually had on logico­matemati­cal practice. But that is another story, a sequel to this es­say, the purpose of which is systematic rather than criti­cal.

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