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Ontologická alternativa McTaggartova paradoxu (K neprostorovému pojetí temporality přítomnosti)

Organon F, 1995, roč. 2, č. 4, s. 327-341.
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The article deals with McTaggartś paradox of time from an ontological point of view. There are two basic approaches which are usually taken in solving McTaggartś paradox. The most commonly adopted in analytic philosophy is the rejection of the flow of time as a myth. This position leads to the extreme statement that the world is intrinsically tenseless. The other is the view that temporal passage is a genuine feature of the world and is consistent with an ontology of concrete events. The author endeavours to support the latter position with a discussion of a non-spatial conception of time. This conception is based on the present being conceived as a "moving Now".

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