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Quantificational Accounts of Logical Consequence III. The Model-Theoretic Account: Quantificational Approach Triumphant?

Organon F, 2014, roč. 21, č. 4, s. 492-515.
Jazyk: English
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This concluding study devoted to quantificational accounts of consequence and related logical properties deals with the model-theoretic account (MTA). In response to objections questioning its intuitive adequacy, it is argued that MTA does not aim to analyse “the” alleged intuitive notion of consequence, but aims to formally reconstruct one specific semantic account, according to which valid arguments preserve truth in virtue of their logico-semantic structure and irrespectively of particular semantic values of the non-logical vocabulary. So conceived, MTA is arguably superior to any other quantificational account, being based on a principled account of the semantic structure and the specific contribution of logical elements to it.

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logical consequence, models, quantificational accounts, validity

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