Content of the Volume

Volume 17 (2010)


Materna, P. Denotation and Reference [Abstract] [PDF] 3-20
Aytekin, T. - Sayan, E. Misrepresentation and Robustness of Meaning [Abstract] [PDF] 21-38
Arrieta-Urtizberea, A. Lowe on Locke’s and Frege’s Conceptions of Number [Abstract] [PDF] 39-52
Svoboda, D. - Sousedík, P. Thomas’ View of Number [Abstract] [PDF] 53-69
Rastall, P. What Sort of Statement is “/p/ is a phoneme of English”? [Abstract] [PDF] 143-149
Fernandéz Díez, G. A Note on Plural Logic [Abstract] [PDF] 150-162
Punčochář, Vít Carnap’s Modal Logic C [Abstract] [PDF] 163-184
Svoboda, D. The Logical and Metaphysical Structure of a Common Nature [Abstract] [PDF] 185-200
Košinár, M. - Kohut, O. Applying Statistical Methods in Knowledge Management of a Multiagent System [Abstract] [PDF] 201-216
Dožudić, D. Doubting the Truth of Hume’s Principle [Abstract] [PDF] 269-287
Panayides, C.Y. Anaximander and the Multiple Successive Worlds Thesis [Abstract] [PDF] 288-302
Paleček, M. Naturalism versus Interpretativism in Social Sciences [Abstract] [PDF] 303-321
Dolák, A. Freedom of the Will: Sic et Non [Abstract] [PDF] 322-338
Vlasáková, M. A Reflection on Frege’s Definition of the Number [Abstract] [PDF] 339-353
Faye, J. Causality, Contiguity, and Construction [Abstract] [PDF] 443-460
Goswick, D. Lewisian-Style Counterfactual Analysis of Causation: A New Solution to the Overdetermination Problem [Abstract] [PDF] 461-476
Jastrzembská, Z. The Perspectivalistic Genealogy of Causation [Abstract] [PDF] 477-487
Taliga, M. Causality, Truth, and Reality [Abstract] [PDF] 488-507
Schmidt, M. Causation and Structural Realism [Abstract] [PDF] 508-521
Bielik, L. The Demarcation Problem of Laws of Nature [Abstract] [PDF] 522-549

Discussions - Polemics

Peregrin, J. Kvasz’ Philosophy of Mathematics between Platonism and Naturalism   [PDF] 71-80
Sousedík, S. More on the Problem of Existence   [PDF] 81-84
Schmidt, M. On a Different Approach to Bare Particulars   [PDF] 85-91
Gáliková, S. Where Did the Football Players Disappear?   [PDF] 92-95
Cmorej, P. On the Bad News for Ontologic Nudists   [PDF] 218-226
Raclavský, J. On Different Notions of Bareness   [PDF] 227-232
Dolák, A. Universe is Existentially Homogenous   [PDF] 233-234
Materna, P. Existence as Predicates of Orders Higher than 1   [PDF] 235-238
Sousedík, S. A Note on the Paper of Prof. Materna on Existence   [PDF] 239-240
Materna, P. Once More about Existence   [PDF] 355-357
Sousedík, S. A Critical Remark on the Semantic Basis of the Transparent Intensional Logic   [PDF] 358-365
Materna, P. Again on Existence of Particulars   [PDF] 366-368
Dolák, A. Individuals vs. Intensions   [PDF] 369-373
Raclavský, J. What is Contingent Existence of Individuals?   [PDF] 374-387
Bugár, J. A Defence of Idealism   [PDF] 388-397


Niederle, R. Representation in Art (I)   [PDF] 97-110
Niederle, R. Representation in Art (II)   [PDF] 242-255
Niederle, R. Representation in Art (III)   [PDF] 398-412


Gáliková, S. T. Hříbek, Metafyzika antiindividualismu   [PDF] 111-120
Geistová Čakovská, B. F. Recanati, Philosophie du langage (et de l’esprit)   [PDF] 121-125
Gahér, F. P. Cmorej, Analytické filozofické skúmania   [PDF] 126-130
Gahér, F. M. Zouhar, Teória kvantifikácie a extenzionálna sémantika prirodzeného jazyka   [PDF] 130-133
Geistová Čakovská, B. J. Raclavský, Jména a deskripce. Logicko-filosofická zkoumání   [PDF] 257-259
Peregrin, J. J. Wanderer, Robert Brandom   [PDF] 413-418
Hříbek, T. D. C. Dennett, Breaking the Spell. Religion as a Natural Phenomenon</>   [PDF] 419-424
Orieščik, T. O. Bueno – Ø. Linnebo (eds.), New Waves in Philosophy of Mathematics   [PDF] 425-431
Zeleňák, E. H. Beebee, C. Hitchcock, P. Menzies (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Causation</>   [PDF] 550-554
Károly, T. W. Ott, Causation and Laws of Nature in Early Modern Philosophy<i/>   [PDF] 555-559


Schuster, R. Articulating what cannot be Articulated   [PDF] 134-136
Porubjak, M. Prof. Jaroslav Martinka’s Jubilee   [PDF] 432-433
Duží, M. - Cmorej, P. - Zouhar, M. Prof. Pavel Materna‘s Jubilee   [PDF] 434-436