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A Revenge Formo f Fitch’s Paradox and its Refutation within Typing Knowledge Framework

(Original title: Mstivá forma Fitchova paradoxu a její odmítnutí v rámci typování znalosti)
Organon F, 2014, vol. 21, Supplementary Issue 1, pp. 138-154.
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Typing knowledge is capable to resolve Fitch’s knowability paradox. As I have argued elsewhere, Russellian typing knowledge is immune to the recently raised criticism of the typing approach. This paper focuses on a special form of the criticism proposing a revenge problem raised by Williamson, Hart and also Carrara with Fassio. The basic idea of the revenge Fitch’s paradox employs quantification over type levels. However, the formalism used by the critics is ambivalent. I concentrate only on its two most probable readings, explaining also quantification over types and quantification over orders. As I show in details, if such readings went through, they would violate the typing rules in a direct manner. Hence, there is no revenge for the Russellian typing approach to Fitch’s knowability paradox.


Church, Fitch’s knowability paradox, quantification over types, ramified hierarchy of types, revenge, Russell, Russellian typing knowledge, Tichý

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