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Paradoxes, Truth, and Correspondence in Roger Swyneshed’s Semantics

(Original title: Paradoxy, pravdivost a korespondence v sémantice Rogera Swynesheda)
Organon F, 2011, vol. 18, No 1, pp. 40-61.
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The present paper is concerned with an exposé of the basic general-semantic theses presented in the tract called “De insolubilibus” written by the 14th century British logician Roger Swyneshed. Swyneshed‘s semantics is analysed as a highly specific theory of truth, correspondence and facts (truth-makers). Swyneshed’s theory revises the correspondence theory of truth and rejects the principle of bivalence, while offering the solution to two different types of paradoxes (the alethic paradox and the correspondence one). As it is usual for theories of this kind, Swyneshed’s semantics has to face the specific forms of revenge-arguments, which lead to a specific conception of truthmaking.

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