Content of the Volume

Volume 18 (2011)


Jespersen, B. Traditionally, I am Entitled to a Last Meal [Abstract] [PDF] 5-13
Rastall, P. In What Sense can Statements about Languages be True? [Abstract] [PDF] 14-25
Peroutka, D. Thomistic Anthropological Dualism [Abstract] [PDF] 26-39
Hanke, M. Paradoxes, Truth, and Correspondence in Roger Swyneshed’s Semantics [Abstract] [PDF] 40-61
Sedlár, I. Moorean Sentences in Update Semantics [Abstract] [PDF] 142-153
Picha, M. How to Reconstruct a Thought Experiment [Abstract] [PDF] 154-188
Hanzel, I. Wesley C. Salmon versus G.W.F. Hegel on Causation, Principle of Common Cause and Theoretical Explanation [Abstract] [PDF] 189-212
Bielik, L. The Raven Paradox, Logic, and Methods of Testing [Abstract] [PDF] 213-225
Kolman, V. How to Name a Real Number [Abstract] [PDF] 283-301
Kvasz, L. Mathematics and Reality [Abstract] [PDF] 302-330
Gahér, F. Are the Notions of "Sufficient Condition and Necesarry Condition Symmetric for the Empirical Domain? [Abstract] [PDF] 331-350
Sedlár, I. On What You Cannot Be Mistaken About? [Abstract] [PDF] 351-362
Marko, V. Looking for the Lazy Argument Candidates [Abstract] [PDF] 363-383
Bielik, L. Testability and Meaning of Observation Terms and Theoretical Terms [Abstract] [PDF] 384-397
Song, G. The Nature of Assertoric-Force and the Truth in Logic: An Elucidation of Fregean Truth in the Light of Husserl’s Theory of Doxic-Modification [Abstract] [PDF] 423-446
Marko, V. Looking for the Lazy Argument Candidates (2) [Abstract] [PDF] 447-474
Fink, J. Are There Process-Requirements of Rationality? [Abstract] [PDF] 475-487
Hartl, P. Knowing Our Own Concepts: The Role of Intuitions in Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 488-498
Nevrkla, S. Is Formal Logic a Science About Rational Arguments? [Abstract] [PDF] 499-511


Sousedík, S. Reply to My Critics   [PDF] 62-68
Materna, P. Reply to prof . Sousedík   [PDF] 69-71
Raclavský, J. The Semantics of Names in Fiction: A Defense and Elaboration of Tichý’s Conception   [PDF] 72-83
Cmorej, P. On the Notions of Existence and Their Order   [PDF] 84-95
Schmidt, M. Bare Individuals – a Critique from Inside   [PDF] 96-101
Sousedík, P. Is Number an Object or a Property?   [PDF] 102-112
Stodola, J. On Dolák’s View on Free Will   [PDF] 113-122
Kijania-Placek, K. He is usually an Italian, but he isn’t   [PDF] 226-234
Dolák, A. On the Problem of Individuals   [PDF] 235-238
Sousedík, S. On a Discussion Note by Professor Cmorej   [PDF] 239-244
Cmorej, P. On Sousedík’s Theses about Intentional Entities   [PDF] 245-253
Dolák, A. Free Will: A Response to Stodola's Criticism   [PDF] 398-403
Raclavský, J. Bare Individuals and Three Theses   [PDF] 512-517
Sousedík, S. What Is Precisely the Subject-Matter of Our Discussion About Existence?   [PDF] 518-523
Sousedík, S. On the Ontology of Intentional Beings   [PDF] 524-530
Cmorej, P. The Mental and Intersubjective Accessibility of Intentional Entities   [PDF] 531-539
Cmorej, P. On One Sentence and on What It Is About   [PDF] 540-543


Peregrin, J. Andrei Marmor, Social Conventions   [PDF] 123-127
Bielik, L. Tomáš Marvan, Otázka významu. Cesty analytické filosofie jazyka   [PDF] 128-132
Cedzo, R. Vladimír Svoboda a kol ., Logika a přirozený jazyk   [PDF] 132-135
Peregrin, J. A. Noë, Out of our heads: why you are not your brain, and other lessons from the biology of consciousness   [PDF] 254-260
Gahér, F. V. Svoboda a kol., Logika a přirozený jazyk   [PDF] 261-269
Janošovský, J. D. Kamhal, P. Ježík, I. Sedlár, P. Sýkora, Saul Kripke a oživenie metafyziky   [PDF] 270-273
Peregrin, J. Stephen P. Turner, Explaining the Normative   [PDF] 405-411
Hrnčiarová, K. Deborah A. Boyle, Descartes on Innate Ideas   [PDF] 412-416
Vacek, M. Eugen Andreanský, Možné svety z pohľadu logickej sémantiky a analytickej filozofie   [PDF] 546-555
Haluška, Ján Juraj Šuch, Naratívny konštruktivizmus Haydena Whita a Franka Ankersmita   [PDF] 556-559