Obsah ročníka


Ročník 23 (2016)

Arazim, P. Logical Expressivist’s Logical Constants [Abstrakt] [PDF] 2-20
Tahmasbi, M.Reza The Constitution Theory of Intention-Dependent Objects and the Problem of Ontological Relativism [Abstrakt] [PDF] 21-31
Yang, S. Do Emotions Have Directions of Fit? [Abstrakt] [PDF] 32-49
Chung, H. Is Harry Frankfurt’s “Doctrine of Sufficiency” Sufficient? [Abstrakt] [PDF] 50-71
Bakalova, M. Evidence vs. Virtues in Epistemic Disagreement [Abstrakt] [PDF] 72-82
Kosterec, M. Analytic Method [Abstrakt] [PDF] 83-101
Peregrin, J. What Is (Modern) Logic Taken to Be About and What It Is About [Abstrakt] [PDF] 142-161
Sendlak, M. Between the Actual and the Trivial World [Abstrakt] [PDF] 162-176
Botting, D. The Narrowness of Wide-Scope Principles [Abstrakt] [PDF] 177-203
Glavaničová, D. Δ-TIL and Normative Systems [Abstrakt] [PDF] 204-221
Šebela, K. Common Source of the Paradoxes of Inference and Analysis [Abstrakt] [PDF] 222-242
Rybaříková, Z. The Reception of Stanisław Leśniewski’s Ontology in Arthur Prior’s Logic [Abstrakt] [PDF] 243-262
Drekalović, V. Two Weak Points of the Enhanced Indispensability Argument – Domain of the Argument and Definition of Indispensability [Abstrakt] [PDF] 280-298
Ocelák, R. Distribution and Inference: What Philosophical and Computational Semantics can Learn from Each Other [Abstrakt] [PDF] 299-323
Łupkowski, P. Non-cooperative Strategies of Players in the Loebner Contest [Abstrakt] [PDF] 324-366
Fernández Moreno, L. Putnam’s View on Reference Change Is Different from That of Kripke’s [Abstrakt] [PDF] 367-383
Moldovan, A. Quantifier Domain Restriction, Hidden Variables and Variadic Functions [Abstrakt] [PDF] 384-404
Rybaříková, Z. Prior’s Definition of Creative Definitions (Sobociński-Prior-Lejewski’s Discussion on the Leśniewskian Definitions) [Abstrakt] [PDF] 405-416
Rychter, P. Against Laws of Nature as Truthmakers for Presentists [Abstrakt] [PDF] 428-442
Frederick, D. Defective Equilibrium [Abstrakt] [PDF] 443-459
Tajer, D. Logic and Rational Requirements [Abstrakt] [PDF] 460-487
Italia, S. The Environment and Its Ontological Status [Abstrakt] [PDF] 488-502
Picha, M. A Minimalist Framework for Thought Experiment Analysis [Abstrakt] [PDF] 503-524
Yehezkel, G. The Rejection of Fatalism about the Past [Abstrakt] [PDF] 525-538
Koťátko, P. Fictional Disourse. Replies to Organon F Papers (Part II)   [PDF] 102-124
Gåvertsson, F.P.W. Response to Asger Kirkeby-Hinrup   [PDF] 125-127
Svoboda, V. Δ-TIL and Problems of Deontic Logic   [PDF] 539-550
Arazim, P. J. Peregrin, Inferentialism: Why Rules Matter   [PDF] 128-134
Drobňák, M. T. Sider, Writing the Book of the World   [PDF] 134-138
Haraldsen, F. M. García-Carpintero & G. Martí (eds.), Empty Representations: Reference and Non-existence   [PDF] 263-274
Peregrin, J. J. Rouse, Articulating the World   [PDF] 417-426
Peregrin, J. N. Francez, Proof-theoretic Semantics   [PDF] 551-555
Tuboly, Á.Tamas N. Milkov & V. Peckhaus (eds.), The Berlin Group and the Philosophy of Logical Empiricism   [PDF] 556-560
Z vedeckého života
Vacek, M. Modal Metaphysics: Issues on the (Im)Possible III   [PDF] 139-140
Vacek, M. Issues on the (Im)Possible IV   [PDF] 561-563
Tolnaiová, S.Gáliková 5th Philosophical Congress Report   [PDF] 564-565