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Funkce – procedura – konstrukce

Organon F, 2012, roč. 19, č. 3, s. 283-305.
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The purpose of this paper can be described as follows. The contemporary philosophical logic cannot work without using some terms well-known from mathematics and (mathematical) logic. Among such terms that play an important role in logical and philosophical analyses of language, meaning and the like we can find function, procedure and construction. One problem is that various authors use these terms in various ways, another problem consists in the well-known fact that many philosophers do not have any idea of what those and similar terms could mean. The present paper tries to explain why an exact explication of the three mentioned terms can contribute to understanding and even solving many problems with semantics of natural language, which a philosopher should be (and frequently is) interested in.

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construction, extensionality, function, hyperintensionality, procedure

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