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Logic Programming and Interactive Applications

Organon F, 2013, vol. 20, Supplementary Issue 2, pp. 187-205.
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Answer Set Programming (ASP) is a logic programming based, truly declarative formalism for general purpose problem solving. Its declarative nature allows users to solve problems by defining what the solutions are instead of how to find them. Complete lack of an imperative component in ASP makes creation of end user applications or integration with other systems demanding. External tools that can process and interpret the output of ASP solvers are needed. To address this issue in the case of simple applications with an input – output interaction loop we introduce a framework for iterative logic applications. Such applications consist of a core logic program that is used to evaluate user actions w.r.t. their current state and to derive a new state of the application. We take care to define the framework in a way that allows it to be used also with other formalism, especially SAT solvers. We also present a web based implementation of such framework for ASP.

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Answer Set Programming, Declarative Problem Solving, Interactive Applications, Logic Programming

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