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O „bez“

Organon F, 2013, vol. 20, Supplementary Issue 1, pp. 24-43.
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The paper deals with the word without and its role in those kinds of collocations in which it has a meaning-carrying function. It is assumed that the meaning of without in the kinds of collocations under scrutiny is context independent in that it can be explicated by a singles cheme: For every ξ,ξ ...ξ holds, that Π(ξ,ξ ...ξ) if not Θ(ξ , ξ ... ξ ), where Π, Θ are propositions or propositional functions (predicates) and ξ , ξ ... ξ are relevant variables, whose range is determined by that following after the word without. The scheme varies with the variable type to which without is applied purely as a certain kind of operator. The concatenations without + expression are, typically, equivalent to more prolix without-free collocations; thus, without is a suitable device for text compression.

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If not, meaning, modality, operator, variable, without

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