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Tichý’s Possible Worlds

Organon F, 2014, roč. 21, č. 4, s. 471-491.
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Pavel Tichý originally published his interesting conception of possible worlds in 1968. Even though he modified it over the following twenty five years, its core remained unchanged. None of his thirty journal papers or books containing the notion of possible worlds was a study in metaphysics. Tichý (and most of his followers) always introduced the notion in the context of other investigations where he applied his Transparent intensional logic either to the semantic analysis of natural language or to the explications of other notions. Tichý presented his conceptions using rather short descriptions occurring on a number of places; his proposal appears not only fragmentary but also somehow incoherent. The main contribution of this paper is thus not only a complete survey of Tichý’s development of his conception but also a certain completion of the very proposal.

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Actualism, combinatorialism, possible world semantics, possible worlds, transparent intensional logic

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