Content of the Volume

Volume 2 (1995)


Pstružina, K. Cognitive Science and Ontological Differentiation, The World of Dreams [Abstract] [PDF] 1-12
Gatial, Ján Permanent Topicality of Semantical Transformations in Mathematics [Abstract] [PDF] 13-17
Hricová, D. Aristotles's Physics [Abstract] [PDF] 109-127
Hric, R. The Developmental Stages in the History of Algebra [Abstract] [PDF] 128-136
Sýkora, P. Species As Historical Essences [Abstract] [PDF] 225-243
Tondl, L. Certainty, Science and Ideology [Abstract] [PDF] 244-258
Havlík, V. An Ontological Alternative of McTaggart's Paradox (On Non-spatial Conception of Temporality of the Present) [Abstract] [PDF] 327-341
Marko, V. Callimachus' Puzzle About Diodorus [Abstract] [PDF] 342-367


Tarski, A. The Semantic Conception of Truth and the Foundations of Semantics   [PDF] 18-54
Cmorej, P. Alfréd Tarski (1901-1983)   [PDF] 55
  [PDF] 56-57
Tarski, A. The Letter to S. Mathé   [PDF] 58
Russell, B. On Denoting   [PDF] 137-151
Russell, B. Descriptions   [PDF] 152-163
Rorty, R. Consciousness, Intentionality and Pragmatism   [PDF] 259-276
Hrachovec, H. The Relationship of Formal Semantics to the Theory of Knowledge   [PDF] 368-380


Černík, V. The Fictitious Dialogue with the Double of a Certain Critic   [PDF] 59-70
Petráš, M. The Theory of Everything: The Physical Ontology   [PDF] 164-172
Dubnička, J. Is "The Theory of Everything" Possible?   [PDF] 173-179
Cmorej, P. - Peregrin, J. Is Entailment a Fact and Has It an Empirical Character?   [PDF] 277-292
Cmorej, P. - Peregrin, J. Is Entailment a Fact and Has t an Empirical Character (II)   [PDF] 381-394

Discussions - Polemics

Kamhal, D. The Inaccuracies in the Discussion on Exactness   [PDF] 71-77
Popper, K.R. Karl R. Popper on Exactness and Meaning   [PDF] 78-81
Marcelli, M. Making Philosophy with an Axe of Carpenter Moosbrugger   [PDF] 180-188
Cmorej, P. The Exactness of Language and Assertive Force of Sentences   [PDF] 189-197
Cmorej, P. Exactness of Expressions and Adequacy of Answers to Questions   [PDF] 293-301
Kanovský, M. Five Preliminary Thesis on Exactness   [PDF] 302-305
Hanzel, I. The Development of Concepts - On the Starting Point of One Discussion   [PDF] 395-405
Cmorej, P. An Acquaintance with an Object and its Concept   [PDF] 406-416


Cmorej, P. From Logical Syntax and Semantics (V)   [PDF] 82-96
Cmorej, P. From Logical Syntax and Semantics (VI)   [PDF] 198-218
Cmorej, P. From Logical Syntax and Semantics (VII)   [PDF] 306-318
Cmorej, P. From Logical Syntax and Semantics (VIII)   [PDF] 417-429


Hohoš, L. K. R. Popper: Bída historicizmu   [PDF] 97-101
Dubnička, J. Paul Davies: Posledné tri minúty. Úvahy o konečnom osude vesmíru   [PDF] 102-108
Grohová, E. K. Wuchterl - A. Hübner: Wittgenstein   [PDF] 219-221
Stach, P. J. R. Searle: Mysl, mozek, věda   [PDF] 221-224
Pstružina, K. J. R. Searle: Mysl, mozek, věda   [PDF] 319-322
Rybár, J. Kelemen, J.: Strojovia a agenty   [PDF] 322-326
Konrád, R. O. Flanagan: Vedomie   [PDF] 430-435