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On Influence of World 3 on World 2 (Music and Scientific Theories as Examples)

(Original title: O vlivu světa 3 na svět 2 (na příkladu hudby a vědecké teorie))
Organon F, 2004, vol. 11, No 3, pp. 272-277.
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In his conception of worlds 1-3 Popper did not make clear how the world 3 (inhabited by abstract objects like scientific theories) can influence on world 2 or 1 (the world 2 is perhaps only psychical, however world 1 is fully material). On example of music we can see that any human invention of “new” tone combination cannot affect already given tone combinatorics which is in world 3 (this “new” combination is only one of possible combinations). Similarily “new” scientific theory cannot make any change in world 3 where all (right or wrong) theories are – according to Popper – settled. Opposite direction of influence seems neither possible: human mind can only feel that it is somehow touched by abstract object during its creative activity; to all appearance abstract objects cannot causaly affect on – presumably material – medium of human thinking.

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