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Epistemológia ako vedná disciplína?

Organon F, 1994, roč. 1, č. 2, s. 109-122.
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The epistemology is the analysis of principles, foundations, structures and conditions of the scientific knowledge. Is it possible to solve these problems by scientific means and ways only? The traditional empirical epistemology was refuted on ground of the scientific research of perception, behavior, language etc. In this respect N. Chomskyś contribution is considerable. But what his solution represents is the neocartesian interpretation of the language competence. J. Piaget and his followers (the constructive epistemology) do not agree with the conception of N. Chomsky. According to J. Piaget whatever knowledge assumes the schemes, which are not out of subject (Platon), nor the native ability (Descartes), nor constant (Kant) they develop in the interaction between the organism and the environment. Then the constructive epistemology concerns the mechanisms of this development.

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