Obsah ročníka


Ročník 24 (2017)

López-Astorga, M. The Role of Disjunction in Some Alleged Non-Monotonic Inferences [Abstrakt] [PDF] 2-9
Duží, M. - Kosterec, M. A Valid Rule of β-conversion for the Logic of Partial Functions [Abstrakt] [PDF] 10-36
Pušić, B. Species as Individuals: Just another Class View of Species [Abstrakt] [PDF] 37-53
Marko, V. Toward a Demarcation of Forms of Determinism [Abstrakt] [PDF] 54-84
Drobňák, M. Meaning-Constitutive Inferences [Abstrakt] [PDF] 85-104
Beran, O. The Role of the “Private” in Inter-Gender Misunderstanding [Abstrakt] [PDF] 142-165
Fernando E. Vásquez Barbra Essentialism and Method [Abstrakt] [PDF] 166-183
Olszewski, A. A Few Comments on the Linda Problem [Abstrakt] [PDF] 184-195
Joaquin, J.Joven Personal Identity and What Matters [Abstrakt] [PDF] 196-213
Łupkowski, P. - Ignaszak, O. Inferential Erotetic Logic in Modelling of Cooperative Problem Solving Involving Questions in the QuestGen Game [Abstrakt] [PDF] 214-244
Voltolini, A. (Mock-)Thinking about the Same [Abstrakt] [PDF] 282-307
Koťátko, P. Fictional Names, Fictional Characters and Persons Referred to in Narrative Fiction [Abstrakt] [PDF] 308-338
Haraldsen, F. The Truth about Sherlock Holmes [Abstrakt] [PDF] 339-365
Pettersson, A. A Revisionary View of Texts, Textual Meaning, and Fictional Characters [Abstrakt] [PDF] 366-383
Glavaničová, D. Tichý and Fictional Names [Abstrakt] [PDF] 384-404
Davies, A. Using “not tasty” at the Dinner Table [Abstrakt] [PDF] 405-426
Gurova, L. A Reason to Avoid the Causal Construal of Dispositional Explanation [Abstrakt] [PDF] 438-455
Günther, M. Learning Conditional and Causal Information by Jeffrey Imaging on Stalnaker Conditionals [Abstrakt] [PDF] 456-486
Prelević, D. Hempel’s Dilemma and Research Programmes: Why Adding Stances is not a Boon [Abstrakt] [PDF] 487-510
Donchev, A. The Role of Priors in a Probabilistic Account of “Best Explanation” [Abstrakt] [PDF] 511-525
Glavaničová, D. In Defence of ∆-TIL   [PDF] 105-113
Halas, J. G. Borbone & K. Brzechczyn (eds.), Idealization XIV: Models in Science   [PDF] 114-120
Haraldsen, F. A. Bianchi (ed.), On Reference   [PDF] 121-127
Cibuľová, L. J. Mácha, Wittgenstein on Internal and External Relations: Tracing all the Connections   [PDF] 128-134
Jespersen, B. J.-W. Müller, What is Populism?   [PDF] 245-254
Glavaničová, D. O. Roy, A. Tamminga, M. Willer (eds.), Deontic Logic and Normative Systems   [PDF] 254-261
Vacek, M. J. Dejnožka, Bertrand Russell on Modality and Logical Relevance   [PDF] 261-266
Ambrozy, M. P. Glombíček, The Philosophy of Young Ludwig Wittgenstein [Filosofie mladého Ludwiga Wittgensteina]   [PDF] 266-272
Peregrin, J. P. Olen, Wilfrid Sellars and the Foundations of Normativity   [PDF] 427-432
Zach, M. Axel Gelfert: How to Do Science with Models: A Philosophical Primer   [PDF] 546-552
Peregrin, J. Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber: The Enigma of Reason   [PDF] 553-558
Menšík, J. The Emergence of Structuralism and Formalism: A Conference Report   [PDF] 135-137
Gluchmanová, M. - Joppová, M. - Gluchman, V. UNESCO Philosophy Day/Night 2016   [PDF] 273-277
Glavaničová, D. Two Conferences on Logic Held in Bochum   [PDF] 277-279
Vacek, M. Conceivability & Modality   [PDF] 433-434
David-Rus, R. - Bielik, L. Editorial   [PDF] 436-437
Agassi, J. - Parusniková, Z. Reason, Science, Criticism   [PDF] 526-545